You are not alone in BPH.
Nina Medical is here to bring a non-invasive treatment for your comfort.

Focal Therapy

Non-invasive BPH treatment from the perineum

The perineum is the body part that you sit on while riding your bike; it appears to form an adequate acoustic window for the transmission of ultrasound energy. NINA Medical’s concept exploits the perineal acoustic window for ultrasound imaging of the prostate and pelvic floor on one hand, and for non-invasive, focal therapy of the prostate by means of high-intensity focused-ultrasound (HIFU) on the other.

HIFU procedure is executed by the projection of safe, ultrasound energy into the body from the outside. The technology enables the selective thermal ablation of a confined volume of tissue inside the body, leaving surrounding tissue intact. A controlled damage is generated, and consequently, the diseased tissue dies and evacuates from the body spontaneously. HIFU is a proven technology, approved for treatment in a number of medical conditions, including for the ablation of prostate tissue.

Proprietary Technology

Focal point tracking for unparalleled safety and efficacy for office treatment

Diagnostic ultrasound is a most popular modality for soft tissue imaging, including pelvic floor examination. NINA Medical is the first and only to demonstrate ultrasound imaging of HIFU, where the therapeutic field is captured and displayed by the diagnostic field. The display for the operator is a live stream of the HIFU beam profile merged into the ‘regular’ ultrasound, enabling the precise positioning and tracking of the focal point during treatment.

Implementing novel techniques in diagnostic ultrasound, Nina Medical can control and navigate the therapeutic beam inside the patient’s body at a below thermal-damage threshold intensity, sparing expensive MRI solutions.

Unprecedented Patient Comfort

Eliminating invasive instrumentation in BPH treatment

NINA Medical introduces the concept of the Therapeutic Pillow – a membrane-covered integrated applicator for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound. During treatment, the patient sits on the Therapeutic Pillow, attaching his perineum firmly to the soft membrane for acoustic coupling. The therapeutic section of the Treatment Pillow delivers HIFU energy to the prostate, while the diagnostic section provides treatment planning, guidance and control.

The Therapeutic pillow opens a new era in general pelvic floor imaging; the sitting pose opens a new sight into the anatomy, since internal arrangement of organs may be influenced by the position of the patient during examination (sitting vs. laying down). In addition, the comfort, relaxed psychological experience of the patient during examination enables to record biological and physiological processes in real time, e.g. urine flow and sphincter operation, muscle movement, blood flow and more. Patient’s experience can be augmented and controlled by virtual reality accessories, e.g. VR headset for the patient during examination.

The problem

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a common condition for the aging man

Non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate (BPH) is a progressive disease, affecting more than 50% of men above 50 (NIDDK – NIH Publication 14-3012 Aug. 2014). Being so common, BPH is sometimes considered as part of the normal aging process of man. Symptoms include difficulties in urination, frequent visits and long stays in the bathroom, and urgent need to go (during day and night). Severe symptoms may include blockage of the urethra, chronic urinary tract infection and even permanent damage to the bladder and kidneys. The existing treatment solutions are based on the insertion of instrumentation through the urethra, an unpleasant procedure that may have a psychologic effect on the suffering man, causing him to postpone treatment; it is assumed that less aggressive treatment option will encourage men to receive treatment earlier.

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