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Technological breakthrough:

See the HIFU beam profile and the focal point with ultrasound

The Innovation

Cold navigation

Low power HIFU imaging

The beam profile of the HIFU is rendered while the HIFU transducer runs at “Low-Power” mode, below the threshold for tissue damage. Only after getting the focal point on target, the mode of operation can be switched to “High-Power”, in order to generate the therapeutic effect.

Intuitive feedback

High frame-rate HIFU imaging

Imaging of the HIFU beam profile is executed at a high frame-rate, resulting in a real-time display of the actual HIFU scene behind the transducer; therefore, the location of the focal point in the body, as well as the occurrence of unwanted, secondary hot spots can be identified and addressed online.

Treatment guidance

Diagnostic-Therapeutic display

Implementing our pioneering holistic approach for ultrasound sequencing, the HIFU and the imaging fields are synchronized and processed together. The result is an interleaved display of the ‘regular’ ultrasound in gray level mode, combined with the HIFU beam profile rendered in colors on the same screen.

Diagnostic-Therapeutic Device

The Tri-Modal Transducer

The Tri-Modal transducer is designed to provide three functions: 1. HIFU energy for tissue ablation, 2. Ultrasound imaging of the target and surroundings, and 3. live image of the HIFU beam profile, including focal point tracking in real-time. The transducer is covered with a thin membrane, encapsulating a volume of degassed water for acoustic coupling.
Pipeline Applications

The core technology is applicable for medical conditions beyond BPH

The Leap Forward

Intraoperative HIFU ablation

Men / Women

General pelvic floor surgery

“This is a game changer“

The Brain


Targeted drug delivery

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